Why didn't my workflow trigger?

The audience, criteria, and content associated with your workflow will ultimately determine how and when the workflow will trigger. However, when a workflow doesn't trigger as expected there a few troubleshooting steps to take:

Step One: Double check that the workflow was activated. Before a workflow is live it needs to be activated. This is to prevent workflows from triggering while the details are still being worked on.

To check, navigate to Admin > Workflows and check the status column. If it's green, the workflow is active. Red means it is deactivated. To activate/deactivate select the pencil icon next to the workflow and select the corresponding action.

Step Two: Timing. Most of the triggers occur immediately or based on the audience, criteria, and content with a few exceptions:

A user was hired today and A user was hired XX days ago trigger at specific times of day. If the user hired-date values aren't in Continu at these times, then the workflows won't trigger.

  • A user was hired today: Triggers at 7am PST / 10am EST. To ensure there are no missed workflows, double check that users have their hired date set for the day of before the cut off time above. 
  • Tip: If the workflow doesn't trigger, use A user was hired exactly 1 day ago to capture missed learners on the following day. 
  • A user was hired exactly 60, 90, or XX days ago: Will trigger at 3:30pm PST / 6:30pm EST on the corresponding day listed. To ensure the workflow completes as expected, double check that users' hired date is entered in Continu correctly.

A user has completed an assignment: If using a delay of 0 days, the next assignment will go out the morning after the previous assignment was completed rather than immediately.  

Step Three: Ensure the audience and criteria are actually set up to capture users. Occasionally, the audience and criteria are set up and won't capture any actual users. To check the users a workflow was assigned, navigate to Admin > Users and check the Sent To column. 

Step Four: If the workflow contains a learning track, double-check that the learning track is published.

If these troubleshooting steps don't work, please reach out to support. 


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