Now that you have created your Profile it's time to assign user(s) to it.

Helpful Tip: Increase the profile capabilities over time granting users additional capabilities. Updates to an already created profile will automatically be enabled for the users assigned to it.


There are three ways to assign users to a Profile:

Option 1: Map a field from the data provided to Continu from your HRIS or using the .csv template.

Option 2:  Assign users through the profile settings:

Step One: Click the 3 dots next to the profile you are adding users to then select Assign to Users.


Step Two: Choose the audience. Using the search bar, find individuals or search by the user data in your Continu instance.Assign_profile_2.png

Step Three: Select as few or as many users as you would like. Use the checkboxes to make selection(s).


Step Four: Preview and Confirm Assignment.


You will now see the number of associated users for the profile.


Option 3: Assign from the Users tab for an individual user.

Go through Admin > Users then find the user and select a profile to assign them to from the drop down. Click save and repeat for as many users as needed.


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