Please Note: Continu will log you out automatically after 4 hours of idle time, and text editing does not reset this time. Please save often, especially if you plan to step away from your computer


Step One: Click on the Overview or Content tab under Admin


Step Two: Click on the Add Content icon


Step Three: Click on the Article icon. 

Tip: Hover over the icons to see their type.


Step Four: Complete the following fields; Title, Author and Article Content


Step Five: Edit content by selecting any icon above in the article editor.

Troubleshooting tip: When possible, building your article within Continu will yield the best results. However, the article builder allows for copying and pasting of content from another editor. A common error when copying text created in a different article builder or Word document is that the formatting isn't compatible with Continu. To clear most issues, highlight the text and select the Clear All Formatting icon.

Step Six: Add tag(s) to your content. Click the Add button or hit the enter key to add tags.


Step Seven: Click the Next button to continue


Step Eight: Add a cover image by clicking the Upload an Image icon.


Step Nine: The Photo Editor will display. From here you can make changes to your image by selecting any of the icons at the bottom of the page or click save then Next to move to the next step.


Step Ten: You will now be able to preview your uploaded Banner Image and make any edits, replace, or remove the image. 


Step Eleven: Select from either Cover Image or Latest Cover Image.


Step Twelve: You will be given the option to adjust the alignment, edit, replace, or remove your image below the preview.


Step Thirteen: Once everything looks good, click Next to continue.


Step Fourteen: Select the category that relates to your article. 

Note: Adding a category is optional but can aide in the discoverability of content for learners.


Step Fifteen: Click the Next button to continue.


Step Sixteen: From here you can select any further settings before publishing.


Step Seventeen: Click the Publish button to complete.


Note: At any time you can preview the article by clicking on the Preview icon at the top of the page.



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